Welcome to Sugar | Kill

I see you’ve found your way to my page. Welcome.

Here’s a primer about this blog: I will be experimenting with a few different things in the upcoming months because I’m interested in seeing if I can make permanent changes once and for all in my dietary habits. I’ve been curious about Primal and Paleo as a lifestyle paradigm shift, if you will.. and am finally ready to make the jump.

One of these experiments is cutting out an entire category of taste for varying amounts of time…
This category is: Sweetness.

I didn’t realize that many people have already done this, and thus I’ve found a support system with information via The Whole30.

It officially started 6 days ago, after a week long stint of beers, turkey, and pies.
Essentially, what I’ve been doing for the past 6 days is eliminating all “sweet tasting things” as well as anything that may contain sugar or carbohydrates regardless of taste. This means all bread, all actual sugar elements (Honey, Stevia, Sucralose… etc), even fruit. One significant change that I feel has helped me get through the week is IF (Intermittent Fasting) with a fast window of about 14-16 hours per the LeanGains method. There are still questions as to whether IF is as effective for women as it is for men, mostly because our bodies are on a different hormonal roller coaster which men’s are NOT, which is part of the experiment with my particular body. I also plan on playing with the notions of Dairy VS No Dairy, but I am currently eating Diary. I plan on finishing my first “No Sweetness” stint on December 15.

For exercise, I currently take a local DDP Yoga class twice a week (Yoga for bodybuilders, created by Diamond Dallas Page), as well as casual walking, occasional squats & deadlifts, and a hike here and there in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles. Glutes are my main concern, and I prefer to build in the lower body.

To be honest, I’ve hit a wall today. At this point, everything is beginning to taste very bitter and unsatisfying, and it is finally causing some extreme withdrawal symptoms. Last night, I awoke at midnight with a migraine, and I find myself craving at least a touch of sweet once an hour, even something as simple as a single blueberry. I’m feeling stressed, almost like a crack fiend…. for reals.

There have been benefits, however, even in 6 shorts days. Now I’ve been craving more meat than carbohydrates (starchy carbs in general haven’t been an issue all week.. and usually I die for a potato or even a scent of a bagel). Meat and veggies are tasting much more delicious. I’ve managed to wean myself off diet coke (which we’ll refer to as DC). Also, I’ve noticed my sense of smell may have increased, which is odd. I can smell sweet things from a mile away.

Although this blog may seem like a diet blog, it is not. Yes, fat loss and increased energy levels are goals that I’d like to achieve, but more importantly, I’d like to stop the cycle of being bad to my body. I will stop yo-yo dieting, I will begin to understand my body, and I will begin to heal my mind, body and soul. This battle is really about how the mind controls the body, and all the soul can do is bear the outcome unless it overcomes the mind. With each step achieved towards greater health and understanding of my body, will come a happier self..

So let’s begin.