I see you’ve found your way to my page. Welcome.

Here’s a primer about this blog: I will be experimenting with a few different things in the upcoming months because I’m interested in seeing if I can make permanent changes once and for all in my dietary habits. I’ve been curious about Primal and Paleo as a lifestyle paradigm shift, if you will.. and am finally ready to make the jump.

One of these experiments is cutting out an entire category of taste for varying amounts of time…
This category is: Sweetness.

I didn’t realize that many people have already done this, and thus I’ve found a support system with information via The Whole30.

Other Experiments:

Other ideas that I’d like to dive into is healing injuries that I’ve acquired in past as a dancer and in general, working on flexibility, creating healthier hair, nails and skin from the inside out, and creating an overall piece of mind in my relationship to my body and to food.

Although this blog may seem like a diet blog, it is not. Yes, fat loss and increased energy levels are goals that I’d like to achieve, but more importantly, I’d like to stop the cycle of being bad to my body. I will stop yo-yo dieting, I will begin to understand my body, and I will begin to heal my mind, body and soul. This battle is really about how the mind controls the body, and all the soul can do is bear the outcome unless it overcomes the mind. With each step achieved towards greater health and understanding of my body, will come a happier self..

So let’s begin.