The Primal Experiment – Days 1 through 4

I’ve survived a massive binge. Yes, I binged between my no sugar week and the experiment. I felt TERRIBLE, especially since there were some homemade deep dish pizza’s on NYE which were FANTASTIC (I’ll be stealing the toppings for my own paleo/primal recipes), but I’m sure we all know how I felt for the next few days.

And here I am today. After a few days of decompressing my body from all that stomach tossing and turning, I’m starting to feel much better. I’ve managed to get into a regular gym day and a DDP Yoga day also even with the bum ankle. I think my body is adjusting very well because it needs this SO BAD… especially the feeling in my gut.

Since I already went through a mini-experiment beginning of December (no sugar, no sweet), I see where my faults are as well as what will make this successful in the long run. For January until March, I’ll trying a Paleo/Primal hybrid at 80/20. Through this, I’m going to try to be as clean Whole30 as I can on my 80% intake. For January, I’m going to go into KETO to see what happens, and learn to cook even more whole, clean, delicious, fulfilling meals.

Here are my guidelines:

  • Lots of Meat
  • Lots of Fat
  • Lots of Veggies
  • Some Fruit
  • A tiny smidge of honey or stevia here and there
  • Carbs under 50g per day (push for 30g)
  • Eat when you’re hungry, don’t when you’re not
  • Keep on moving


Simple. I think I can keep this up for 3 months.

Hoo Ha!