I’ve Learned My Lesson.

by Sugar | Kill

The weekend is over. We’re back to Monday. Thankfully, I’ve survived the weekend with no more than a dislocated ankle and a three day carbocide feast which included Argentine Asado, lots of wine, bread, cheese, whiskey/soda, two bouts of pizza, apple pie, chinese food, more wine…

Though the damage is pretty damn dense, I’ve come out more in tune with my body. Let’s recap: for the first 15 days, I went without processed foods, sugar or sugar substitutes, fruit, sweet tasting things in general, breads, pasta, rice, and the like. The first few days were terrible…. cravings, hunger, general angry-ness. The last few days were heavenly… tons of energy (except when it came to bed time), normal tummy, the mirror looked great, I put on a dress size smaller than I’d been wearing, got new jeans two sizes smaller. And then, I did what I had been planning to do, as this is a test run.

I went ROGUE. I ate everything and anything I felt like (which, honestly, was still less than other brutal weekends I’ve had in the past). I wanted to indulge and I wanted to see what the real damage would be. At first taste, sweets were gross. I tried a Lindor truffle and immediately spit it out… but then as the weekend progressed, I was able to indulge more. And with each indulgence, I felt worse. And here we are today.

Today feels gross. I’m not “hungover” from alcohol.. I’m hungover from food. My stomach is doing all kinds of topsy turvy, it’s highly acidic, bloated, hungry, and annoying. I feel exhausted, it was difficult to sleep soundly, and I’m grumpy again, but this time because I did what I shouldn’t ever again do.

However, this IS a Victory.

Now I know what it feels like. I will continue to be a little lax up until January 1st (with a little fruit and maybe an Umami burger) but the most damage will be from Christmas Italian Night, and alcoholic drinks in the form of vodka or Baileys. I don’t like how I feel, and the grumpiness I’m experiencing is making dealing with this ankle more depressing. I ate some plain greek yogurt this morning, hoping to coat the acidity in my tummy.. and probably won’t eat anything else today. From this point on, every time I think of indulging too much, I know what the clear and dire consequences are, and that I had never noticed so clearly in the past. This is the first victory into a life of health and happiness, and I couldn’t be more excited for my journey in January.

Wish me all the best of luck.