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Month: December, 2012




It’s My Birthday!!!!!!!!

I’ve Learned My Lesson.

The weekend is over. We’re back to Monday. Thankfully, I’ve survived the weekend with no more than a dislocated ankle and a three day carbocide feast which included Argentine Asado, lots of wine, bread, cheese, whiskey/soda, two bouts of pizza, apple pie, chinese food, more wine…

Though the damage is pretty damn dense, I’ve come out more in tune with my body. Let’s recap: for the first 15 days, I went without processed foods, sugar or sugar substitutes, fruit, sweet tasting things in general, breads, pasta, rice, and the like. The first few days were terrible…. cravings, hunger, general angry-ness. The last few days were heavenly… tons of energy (except when it came to bed time), normal tummy, the mirror looked great, I put on a dress size smaller than I’d been wearing, got new jeans two sizes smaller. And then, I did what I had been planning to do, as this is a test run.

I went ROGUE. I ate everything and anything I felt like (which, honestly, was still less than other brutal weekends I’ve had in the past). I wanted to indulge and I wanted to see what the real damage would be. At first taste, sweets were gross. I tried a Lindor truffle and immediately spit it out… but then as the weekend progressed, I was able to indulge more. And with each indulgence, I felt worse. And here we are today.

Today feels gross. I’m not “hungover” from alcohol.. I’m hungover from food. My stomach is doing all kinds of topsy turvy, it’s highly acidic, bloated, hungry, and annoying. I feel exhausted, it was difficult to sleep soundly, and I’m grumpy again, but this time because I did what I shouldn’t ever again do.

However, this IS a Victory.

Now I know what it feels like. I will continue to be a little lax up until January 1st (with a little fruit and maybe an Umami burger) but the most damage will be from Christmas Italian Night, and alcoholic drinks in the form of vodka or Baileys. I don’t like how I feel, and the grumpiness I’m experiencing is making dealing with this ankle more depressing. I ate some plain greek yogurt this morning, hoping to coat the acidity in my tummy.. and probably won’t eat anything else today. From this point on, every time I think of indulging too much, I know what the clear and dire consequences are, and that I had never noticed so clearly in the past. This is the first victory into a life of health and happiness, and I couldn’t be more excited for my journey in January.

Wish me all the best of luck.




The End of 15 Days


Hello Dolls.

I’ve successfully accomplished 15 days of no/lo grains/rice/starchy veg, lo/no sugar, lo/no sweet. It was a test run for my experiment in January, and frankly, it flew by so fast. Although I tried my absolute best to stick to the program, there we’re two instances where I fell. Here are the pros and cons, and what I’ve discovered that will affect my experiment in January.


I started to taste things differently. A dash of half and half in my tea became a “sweet” treat. Butternut Squash with cinnamon started tasting like dessert. A bowl of Chipotle tasted like heaven. Vegetables in general became more pleasant. Perrier is my new staple drink, instead of the usual Diet Coke.

Hunger started to fade after the first week. There were days where I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours and I didn’t even realize it. I would eat half of a salad and be full. A glass of coconut milk before bed would suffice for a meal if I didn’t have time to eat after yoga.

Cravings started to fade after the first week…. but there is a con to this. Although I was no longer craving sweet things as much after the first week, I was craving a glass of wine like you wouldn’t believe.. or a bottle of Baileys. A glass of cold cider in a dark bar. A vodka tonic, for chrissakes.

Shopping for food has become cheaper. I have my staples now: cauliflower, brocolli, all sorts of squash, avocado, etc. Fish, steak, chicken. Maybe a little bottle of oregano. Nothing major.

Sweets are not what they used to be. I just tried a little nibble of Lindor Milk Chocolate to see how I would react… and I spit it out. It was overly sweet, not pleasant, and certainly not worth the calories.

The Mirror. Shopping for clothes has become much easier. In the past two weeks, I’ve dropped a dress size. I went on a mad shopping spree at Urban Outfitters and everything fit wonderfully. I look in the mirror and feel like a pretty girl. If that isn’t a pro, I don’t know what is.


Withdrawal was rampant at first. I sincerely felt as if I was some sort of candy-drug addict, and was quite honestly in the first few days going very, very crazy. Not even being able to eat a fruit or some splenda at least was killing me, and I was as grumpy as can be. There have been studies that people who prefer sweet tasting things also tend to have a sweeter disposition. I could see what this could be true.

I slipped, TWICE. Once towards the end, I caved in on a night of drinking vodka/soda (yes, carbs, but I was going to allow myself this vice since I was clearly missing something). I had about half a cider. It was fantastic. The other was when I went to get a doppio espresso at Starbucks, and decided I wanted to add a pump of pumpkin. I didn’t know that the pump was actually sweet until I tasted it… and in the past, I never really tasted any sweet in it.

I’ve been going to sleep about 3 hours earlier than I was before. This cuts into my social life, my relationship time, and even with the extra sleep, I haven’t felt more rested. I believe that this is an effect of withdrawal, and hope that it stops once my body adjusts to the changes over a longer period of time.


Dairy is going to be difficult to cut out. I’ve noticed that dairy is both my downfall and savior. It’s added a little discreet sweetness to my life over the past two weeks, but I also consumed quite a bit in the beginning mostly. I may have to adjust rules for January to incorporate a little, maybe that dash in the tea that’s kept me calm.

Hunger will go away, but that doesn’t mean I should undereat. There were days that I noticed that all I ate was a bowl of butternut squash, or just a tomato soup. I think I need to think in density… maybe eat a little more meat and fat (which is easy for me, since I’m practically born a carnivore as an Argentine).

Now that I’ve gotten past these two weeks, I’m going to allow myself to let loose until the 1st of the month. I still want to retain a level of control, as this is now the test of how I will do past the experimentation period. Carbohydrates in the form of grains and starches I still plan on keeping to a minimum. Sugar… well, I’ll dip in the “cookie jar” every once in a while. Alcohol.. well, it’s my birthday next week, so I plan to drink anything and everything I feel like.. BUT I will attempt to steer clear of the mixed drink variety, and absolutely not allow any beer (ok.. maybe one cider here and there). I’ve got a birthday bottle of Baileys waiting for me.

Now, for a little fashion inspiration to keep us all good over the holiday season. Remember, how good you feel in your body will reflect your confidence in how you look in clothes.

Onward then.

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Spaghetti Squash


Made this for the first time two days ago. I was afraid that, like most vegetables, it would mush up and not have a pleasant texture, sort of like when you cook zucchini for too long.

HOWEVER, it came out pretty damn dericious. I have yet to try it with a tomato based sauce, but I think that even with a little olive oil and salt/pepper, it was pretty damn good. This is a primer recipe for other recipes I’ll be experimenting with, mostly ones where you would usually use pasta.



Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Cut the stems off the squash and slice in half lengthwise. Season with a little olive oil and some salt and pepper to get the flavors juicing in the oven. Plop face down on a cookie sheet or glass pyrex…. and pop it in the oven!

After about 60 minutes, pull out the goodies, flip over, get some gloves on, grab a fork… and scrap the insides like a mad man. The strings should come out fairly easily. That’s it!

As a trial, I dabbed some pesto and romano blend cheese on the squash, and added some tasty chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s. It tasted much better than the picture suggested, I promise 🙂


Sexy. New. Yoga. Mat.

Yes, I splurged. I finally got myself that Manduka blackmat Pro. And yes, it is delicious.

It was a birthday gift from me to me! So far, it’s been great, although I’m going to need to prep it tonight because it got a little slippery towards the end of class. Amazing though, how much relieve and stress I felt lift off of my wrist! It’s way thicker than the other mat I had, and it’s WAY LESS gummy. I was even able to do 100 mountain climbers. AND I took my little sister for fun. Annndddddd she wanted to punch me in the face after. I think that is a big pat on the back for me 🙂

On the exercise front, also took a dance class again finally, after about 3 years of being off the radar. No choreography yet… but everything takes time! I need badly for my muscle memory to magically appear and show me that I finally can learn how to shablam properly….